Hi, I’m Justin! I’m a senior at Harvard College studying math (with a focus on statistics) and computer science. I am excited to be working in Susan Murphy’s research lab with Tianchen Qian on generative models for health care. I am also a teaching fellow for STAT110 taught by Joe Blitzstein, who is my academic advisor along with James Mickens.

Previously, I spent my summers researching market impact in quant trading and modeling corporate derivatives and equities in a big bank. Prior to that, I researched unsupervised learning techniques for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and designed software for computational biologists in my hometown of Pheonix, Arizona.

Broadly, I am interested in building tools for research in the quantitative sciences and being a better teacher.

Contacting Me

I am always interested in collaborating! Please reach out to me frequently on email – I look forward to responding within 24 hours!

“justinzhu at college dot harvard dot edu”